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How do I create an account to pay my bill?

If you are a first time user and need to register a new account, locate your Web Access Code (WAC) on correspondence from Imperial PFS and visit our registration page to create a new account.

What is a Web Access Code and where can I find mine?

Web Access Codes (WACs) are unique IDs used to create and recover accounts. WACs are found on all Imperial PFS® correspondence, including coupons or notices. Use the guide below to help you locate yours. They are a combination of seven letters and numbers. If you cannot locate your WAC, you can contact your branch to retrieve it. 

Which branch is my branch?

If you have your account number, you can identify your branch code by the first three letters. For example, if your account number is NYA-123456, your branch code is NYA. Look for the branch code after the city and state in the drop down box on our  locations page to confirm which branch is best to contact about your account.

I need to create a new account or retrieve a user ID or password but I no longer have my Web Access Code.

You will need to speak to an Imperial PFS Associate at your branch to retrieve your Web Access Code. You can find your branch's contact information on our locations page. If you don't have your account number to identify your branch, use the form at the bottom of this page and an Imperial PFS Associate will identify your account with alternate information and put you in touch with your branch. 

I used to have an account, but I can't find the User ID or Password.

Locate your Web Access Code on correspondence from Imperial PFS, like a payment coupon or notice, and visit our  account retrieval page.

I'm an insurance agent and I need to create a new user login for myself or someone at my agency.

Ask your agency admin to log in to their account and use the menu to go to Admin > User Manager and use the "Add" button at the bottom of the page. If your agency is not using Imperial PFS for premium financing and you would like to set up a new account, visit our contact form to get in touch with a Sales Executive to set up a new account. 

I received a bill from you and I don't know why.

If you recently purchased or renewed an insurance policy and chose to pay your premium in installments, your insurance agent likely helped you obtain a premium finance agreement with Imperial PFS. You can create a new account on using the Web Access Code on the correspondence from us to see more information about your account, or you may contact your branch or your insurance agent for more information. 

Contact Us

Fill out the form below, and include as much information as possible to help an IPFS Associate identify your account. Your request will be routed to your branch to assist you.

Do you have your account number?

Your account number can be found on communications from IPFS. Please enter your account number to be routed directly to your branch.

If you don't have an account number but you know your quote number, enter it here.

Locating your Web Access Code:

Click to download the documents below for examples of where the Web Access Code is located on common payment documents.